Ruston Reaches

The Area around Ruston Reaches

The Village

East Ruston Village Page

You find the village sign near the school and next door to the village hall and playing field. It shows Ruston Tower Mill on a hill, known to villagers as New Mill. Supposedly, it was the last newly built mill in the county to have started life with cloth sails. The Old Mill which was a post mill which stood half a mile north-east on the other side of the B1159 at the east end of Hall Lane.

The village page has information about the local pub, the Butchers Arms, the Old Vicarage Gardens, the village's best known tourist attraction, the Common, a site of Special Scientific Interest, the Weavers Ways, one of the county's long distance footpath that runs through the parish and more.

North Walsham and Dilham Canal

The Canal Page

The Logo of the Canal Trust shows a Wherry and a lock gate. A wherry is, the local form of sailing barge. The lock gate is there to indicate that the canal is the only artificial navigation in the county to have locks.

At various points the parish boundary runs along one side or other of the canal and at some places along its centre, so it is a true local amenity. Our Canal page suggests walks along the canal banks, explains where you can launch a canoe and, a little further along the canal, where you can take a boat trip or even join volunteers working to make the full length of the canal navigable.


Stalham Town Page

The new town sign, erected in 2021, stands at the western end of the High Street close to the site of the old railway station. Through it's arch you can see the gates where the Weavers Way, which runs along the route of the old railway line between East Ruston and the town, emerges onto the High Street.

For a town with only some 3,000 residents it has much to offer. There are over 90 shops and businesses based on the High Street alone. Amongst other things our Stalham page tells of its pubs, regular Farmers Market and the second oldest firehouse in the country, now a museum. On the fringes of the town can be found a number of boatyards including one of the largest on the Broads, and the fascinating Museum of the Broads.