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Ruston Reaches is a group of eleven cottages, set beside a lake, in East Ruston, a few miles from the coast and close to the heart of the Norfolk Broads. The Location Page has maps showing the position of the village and the individual cottages that form Ruston Reaches.

The site operates under the general direction of its freeholder while each cottage is managed individually by its leaseholder. Cottages may be used as weekend retreats or second homes by their owners but, currently, all are available to rent to holiday makers.

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Those wishing to explore the area around Ruston Reaches will find much of interest. Visit the Area page to find out about the village pub, the Poors Allotment, the Old Vicarage Gardens and more.

Originally developed as venue for fishing holidays it proved popular with anglers during the early 2000s. However, because otters also took to fishing in the lake and the estate's management company opted not to stock the lake, the fishing now can only be considered, at best, to be suitable for casual anglers.

As can be imagined, given the presence of otters, there is much wildlife to be found around the lake and, for many, this and the general tranquillity of the site, which lacks any facilities specifically for children, will be the chief attraction. The Wildlife page has photographs taken on and around the lake of some of the species that you might be lucky enough to see.

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